Prepare Your Home

How does one go about preparing their home for birth? No matter what type of home you have, it is likely the right home for your birth. No house is too small, as long as it is safe, it will work.

Here are a few tips on making your home cozy, safe and ready for birth:

1. Give your home a good scrub- You will want to be ready to welcome baby into a clean environment, and it will help in the days postpartum not to have to worry about a little accumulation.

2. Prepare meals ahead- It is a great idea to prepare meals several weeks prior to birth and stock the freezer. You will always have a meal handy, and if you have other children, it will be a meal you will know they like. Here are some ideas:

Easy Freezer Meals

Preparing Meals for the Freezer

Freezer Friendly Meals

Healthy Meals for the Freezer

3. Choose your favorite room in the house- Be sure to tidy up any mess and have all your birth supplies (see list) at the ready in a laundry basket in the corner. Also, make sure there is water access if you plan a water birth, and a toilet nearby is a must.

4. Prepare your bed!

5. Choose to string white lights or have candles to add ambiance to the room.

6. Prepare your heart- Choosing home birth is often not the most common of practices and at times a little doubt can creep in. Be sure to prepare your heart as thoroughly as your prepare your home.

7. Prepare your mind- Be sure you have educated yourself and the father of the baby. It is very important to arrive at the moment of birth having prepared mentally for the journey that will be ahead of you. Prior preparation is key to success and can include: reading books, taking a birthing class, watching movies or all of the above.

Prepare Your Home for Birth