Prenatal Care

The hallmark of midwifery care is relationship. As midwives, one of the greatest tools we carry is to know our clients. During your prenatal visits the birth team at Kona Birth & Midwifery Services will take the time to get to know you and your family.

Prenatal Visits
Each prenatal visit is approximately 1 hour in length and includes:
30 minutes for assessment
30 minutes for education and questions

Initial prenatal visits should allow for 2 hours and include:
Health History & Paperwork
Head-to-Toe Exam
Vital Signs
Belly Check
Discussion of tests and labs
Education and Counsel

Prenatal Assessment includes:

Routine Assessment of Mom-
Blood Pressure
Overall Well-Being and Concerns
Routine Assessment of Baby-
Fundal Height
Fetal Heart Tones
Education and Counsel
Questions and Answers
Discussions of Tests and Labs
Preparing for Home Birth

Our prenatal schedule is as follows:

First Trimester
6 weeks
12 weeks

Second Trimester
16 weeks
20 weeks
24 weeks
28 weeks

Third Trimester
32 weeks
34 weeks
36 week home visit
38 weeks
40 weeks
41 weeks

We are accessible for emergencies 24 hours a day throughout your pregnancy by phone, text or in person, and Monday- Friday from 9am-5pm HST for non-emergencies.

Kona Birth & Midwifery Services is a team of birth professionals and our goal is two-fold: to serve the women and mothers of the Big Island of Hawaii and to train the next generation of midwives. Our office and care is frequently home to students under direct supervision.