Meet the Midwives

Amy Kirbow, CPM  

Amy is a Certified Professional Midwife working on the Big Island of Hawaii. Married to Derek for 21 years, she is the mother of three incredible sons, Joshua (19), Seth (15) and Elijah (11). She began her journey in midwifery following the birth of her first son 19 years ago, and became a full time midwifery student in 2008. Amy began Kona Birth and Midwifery Services as an independent practice on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2012 to serve the women in her community and provide more options for care during pregnancy and birth. Since moving to Hawaii Amy has also begun a midwifery school aimed at training midwives in out-of-hospital settings for the rural and developing world, and believes education is the key to changing birth outcomes both in the US and in developing nations. Amy works as a doula, childbirth educator and herbalist as well as midwife. She passionately believes birth is designed to work without intervention and that home is the best place to bring life into the world.

Meet the Assistants
You will have a chance to meet each assistant prior to your birth and will come to know them well throughout your pregnancy. All assistants, who will be on call during your delivery month, will attend prenatal appointments at various times during your pregnancy.

Carly Blalock-Student Midwife