Make Your Bed

Prepare Your Bed for Home Birth

Often last minute preparations, such as bed making, can be done in the early part of labor when you want to stay active and keep your mind engaged on something besides intermittent contractions.

We encourage all moms to prepare their bed for labor. Whether you plan to birth in the tub or somewhere besides your bed, it will be nice to have it prepped for the postpartum period when you midwife tucks you and the new babe in for the night

What you will need:

q 2 sets of clean sheets, preferably not your best set

q A large plastic covering such as a shower curtain, a thin painters tarp, or specially purchased bed coverings from a birth supply company.

Making your bed is simple and is as follows:

q Make bed as usual

q Add the plastic covering over the bed

q Make your bed once again, this time over both the plastic layer and the first set of sheets. Its best to choose your least favorite sheets for the top set.

After birth it is simple to remove any soiled sheets, and plastic covering, and have a clean, fresh set readily available.