Hire a Doula

The Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Doula

1. Doula's cut the time for a laboring mother down by about 25% according to research.

2. Having a doula present at your birth lowers your chance of having a c-section by  50%.

3. Doula's are birth PROFESSIONALS it is their job and they do it well. They are well versed in the best positions for labor and birth and will guide your through each contractions.

4. A doula does not leaves when the shift changes. She labors with you from beginning to end and does not leave...even in long births she will be your constant companion.

5. Doula's can also help you duirng the postpartum period and research states having a postpartum doula can reduce the rate of postpartum depression.

6. Many doula's are aslo very informed about breastfeeding and can help make breastfeeding more successful for first time moms.

7. Doula's provide an atmosphere of safety, information and comfort during labor allowing you to surrender and relax.

8. Many doula's are also childbirth educators and can help you navigate through the many questions you have during pregnancy and postpartum.

9. Doula's can help you labor in the comfort of your home well into active labor before calling the midwife or transitioning to the birth center or hospital.

10. Doula's are also their for the father of the baby and can encourage, instruct as well as relieve him during a long labor so they can rest or eat.




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