Choose Your Midwife

Some Questions to Ask Your Midwife


About Prenatal 

What do you consider "full term" and how long can we wait until I go into labor?

Do you use any form of induction alternative or otherwise?

What would risk me out of homebirth?

Do you have a consulting physician?

How often are prenatal visits?

About Labor and Birth 

How many births do you attend each month?

Do you attend VBAC?

Do you attend breech?

What would be a reason(s) you would transfer in labor?

When should I call you?

Do I need to hire a doula?

Do you recommend water birth?


What do you bring to my birth?

What do I need to prepare for my birth?

What is the father's role in birth?

How often do you monitor me and the baby during labor?

What do you think about delayed cord clamping?

What do you think about skin to skin?

How long do you stay after the birth?

How do I get a birth certificate?

About Her Education

What is your education?

What other type of training or expertise do you have?

How many years have you been in practice?

About Her Team

Who comes to the birth?

Who are your assistants and what are their qualifications?

About Her Practice

What are your statics for: transfer, c-section, infant mortality?

Do you have a back-up midwife, and if yes, who is your back up midwife?

About Emergencies

How do you respond in an emergency?

What types of emergencies have you responded to?

What emergency equipment do you bring?

Can you suture in the home if I tear?

About Transfers

Do you go with me?

Can I still have postpartum care at home?

Do you have a consulting physician?

About Finances

How much do you charge?

When do you want to be paid?

What fees are not included in the global fee?


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