About Us

Welcome to Kona Birth & Midwifery Services 

We are a team of birth professionals who serve the women on the Big Island of Hawaii during their childbearing years. Our philosophy of birth is simply that it works and we trust the process. We believe birth is intricately designed and intervention should rarely be necessary. Mimegan2dwives should be the standard of care for women who are low risk, and most women are. It is our desire to help establish midwifery care with integrity and as the standard of professional and respected care on our island for pregnant and birthing mothers. We believe the childbearing years are the best years of a woman's life; they should be celebrated, embraced and enjoyed. It is our honor to walk alongside women during this beautiful and sacred time supporting them, their choices and their family. As midwives, we are educated observers with the capacity to respond should the need arise. Additionally, we know that prenatal care is what occurs in between the visit to the care provider and that women who choose home birth are choosing to be more responsible for their care and more involved in their own health. Choosing a home birth offers mothers and families individualized and personal care and it allows for autonomy and privacy. Our team will attend you with undivided and exclusive attention. We believe in the Hawaiian words nui ka hana nui ka loa'a- through hard work is much gained, and birth is no exception.